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7 Home Office Ideas To Help You Transform Your Own

Hopefully - unless you're a key worker - you're following government advice to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. All this time spent at home gives you plenty of time to get all that DIY done and even more time to think about bits of your house that could do with a makeover.

If you're working from home or already do so, all that DIY energy is probably directed at your home office (or lack of in some cases!). We've put together some of our favourite office spaces from Instagram to give you some inspiration.

Small Space

Your home office doesn’t have to be huge for it to be a suitable place to work. Making the most of the space you’ve already got in another room or a box room can result in a lovely, cosy work space like the one by Moretti Interior Design below.

Bright Decor

Whether your office is small or you’ve got room for something larger, bright decor is always a good choice to give you a room where you want to spend time and work. With clever wall organisation and a to-do list at the ready like Jen Mackintosh, you’ll be ready to spend a full working day there.

Work Space For Two

Are you sharing your home office with your partner? Keep the fuss to a minimum with identical set ups. Having an office like the one above could keep you both motivated, especially if you keep to a routine.

Image from

Instagram vs Reality

Most of these home offices are Instagram worthy - so is this one - but when are they ever as tidy as they appear on people’s Instagram feeds? We love this smart use of shelving by thisis.hope to create an office space that’s tucked away in the corner of the home that would otherwise be unused.

The Attic Office

Wondering how to use your loft space? Put your home office up there! If you find it hard to concentrate with the noise from the rest of your home, having your office space tucked away on the top floor could be your answer.


Creative Space

We’ve seen minimalist home offices, now for the opposite. If your home office is a space where you need to be creative, your environment should reflect that. It should also reflect your personal taste - isn’t that a benefit of working from home too? Getting to work in the comfort of your own home instead of a soulless office.



Isn’t this the dream? Having your rooms exactly how you’d like them, without having to squeeze bits or furniture in or split rooms to be multi-functional.


Want help creating your own dream home office? Discuss your plans with us - we’re now offering phone, Skype and email consultations!

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