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Four Home Design Apps to Help You Design the Interior of Your Extension

You’ve finalised your plans and more or less decided on the size and layout of your extension, loft conversion or annex. But that’s only half of it - while we’re able to provide an idea of how you can use your new space on 2D plans, seeing it in 3D can make all the difference.

SketchUp and Revit can be confusing and are expensive to invest in for yourself or for someone else to model your space in 3D for you (and they might not always understand your ideas), so we’ve put together a list of our favourite apps to help you start planning how to decorate your extension in 3D.

Home Design 3D

You can begin with the free version of this app for your phone or tablet, but be aware you can’t save your creations to come back to later unless you pay for the premium app.

Like most software designers use, you can amend your plan in 2D and the changes will automatically appear on the 3D version.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor furniture options to choose from as well as floor and wall textures so you can style your project exactly how you’d like it in real life. As with most of these apps, the furniture isn’t modelled from major retailers, so you would have to substitute for something similar when you decorate.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is fairly limited unless you choose to upgrade. While it advertises 3000+ items of furniture, you can only access these if you upgrade. You also won’t be able to edit the colour and size of furniture items in your project unless you upgrade to premium.

You still get some great features for free with this app. If you want to share your project with friends or for example your kitchen designer, you can log in with Facebook to do so. You can also use this feature to edit your designs on different devices yourself.

Like the majority of apps in this category, you’re able to view your project in 3D and as 2D floor plans.

Live Home 3D

This app is free to use but it is probably the most basic in comparison to the others in this list unless you upgrade. It is also the most expensive to upgrade to premium.

Any files you export for your project will be watermarked too unless you upgrade.

However, unlike the other apps we’ve listed you can model a roof and dormers - a useful feature if you’re having trouble visualising how your loft conversion will look on your existing elevations.

Homestyler Interior Design

This app is the highest rated out of the apps we’ve tried. Like the other apps Homestyler is free, with upgrades for premium features if you’d like them.

Unlike other home design apps, you can create an interior design for your extension or annex using furniture from popular retailers. This will give you the most accurate picture of how your project will look when it’s finished.

You can also get inspiration from other users and get likes and comments on your own projects.

Want to get started on your project? We‘re still taking new customers and offering design meetings over Skype and on the phone. Book your virtual initial visit now!

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