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Four rear extension designs to help you plan your own

Even if you're only designing a single storey extension, there are so many options to consider it can be difficult to know where to start.

To get you inspired and on your way to your dream extension in 2020, we've picked four of our favourite single storey extensions from the past year.

Wickersley Road

Despite having a two storey side extension on their semi-detached home, our customer at Wickersley Road came to us to help design a single storey rear extension for them.

To open up the small, separate kitchen and dining rooms we designed a rear extension spanning the full width of the existing house and part of the side extension. We left enough room for the customer to access the rear of their property through the side extension.

As the rear extension would be over four meters in total height due to matching the existing floor level, we had to submit it for planning approval. We also included a raised patio area with the application so the customer would have a seating area to enjoy with the extension open to the garden.

Princess Road

Our customer at Princess Road wanted to replace their existing conservatory with a large, single storey rear extension.

We kept the extension under 4 metres in height to be able to submit it for approval under the LHPE scheme, with a roof design that allowed for the bay window to remain in the first floor bedroom.

The existing kitchen was a small, galley kitchen so we knocked through in to the existing dining room to allow for the new kitchen to stretch the width of the rear of the house. The extension will be used as a dining and living space, with enough room in it for a large dining table and sofa.

This customer was also concerned that enough natural light wouldn't reach the existing space we were opening up to the extension. We included four large Velux in the design, along with large sliding doors and a glazed gable on the new rear elevation.

Crowland Road

This project is similar to that at Princess Gardens, but on a much smaller scale.

Shortly after purchasing this property, this customer came to us to remove the small conservatory on the rear and replace it with a modest single storey extension to open up the kitchen and dining rooms.

Despite being a smaller extension, it has allowed the customer room for an island kitchen. To keep it light we included Velux and large bi-fold doors that allowed the customer to open the extension to the new decking area.

Wadsley Lane

Even a small single storey extension can make all the difference. At Wadsley Lane our customer wanted to fill in their L-shaped kitchen and dining room to make one large space for both.

This particular house type - semi-detached with and off-shot kitchen - is common in Sheffield and we design many extensions similar to this one every year. They all vary slightly depending on the customer's needs and how they envisage using their extension.

Our structural engineer designed a portal frame (at an additional cost to simple calculations) for this customer in order to make the space as open as possible, with no pillars or sections of wall left in.

The result was a much larger space that is much easier to use for the customer as a combined kitchen and dining room.

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