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How long will it take to get my plans drawn?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The most common question we get asked before we've even quoted for work - 'how long will it take to get my plans finished?' - usually followed by 'what does the process involve?'.

At Plans For Extensions we have a streamlined process to make sure you get your first set of plans within seven working days of us measuring your property. The following post roughly explains what will happen when you decide you want your extension plans drawn by us!

Book Your Free Initial Design Visit

Once you’ve contacted us about your initial design visit, we’ll call you to arrange a date and time suitable for you to discuss your ideas and give you an accurate quote for our work, planning fees (if needed) and building control.

In this meeting we can tell you which ideas will work best for your extension, whether it’ll need planning and show you some paper copies of plans for projects similar to yours, on homes similar to yours.

Measuring Up

When you decide to go ahead with your plans, we’ll come to measure up at a date and time to suit you. Depending on the type of extension you’d like and the size of your home, this can take us up to an hour, including further discussion about what you’d like shown on the first set of plans.

We will need to show existing and proposed elevations and floor plans, so we like to measure inside and out thoroughly to give you plans that are as accurate and detailed as possible.

Drawing Your Plans

We will aim to have the first draft of plans ready within seven working days of us measuring your home. When your plans for your rear extension are almost ready, we’ll call you to arrange a date for either us to come to you, or for you to come in to the office to discuss any changes you’d like to make.

We can also show your designs in 3D if you’d like, for an extra cost. This will add a couple of days to the time it takes to complete the first draft of plans.

First Design Meeting

At your first meeting, ask any questions you might have and suggest any changes you’ve thought of. The more feedback we get from you, the more we can show on your plans.

All our plans are drawn with CAD, so any changes you’d like to make to your extension can be done quickly while you wait or once the changes are brought back to the office.

With a more accurate idea of the existing space you have in your home and how much space you have for your extension, we can work together to design an addition to your home that makes the most of the space you’ve got.

Second Draft Plans

Again, the second draft of plans can be changed, but there are likely to be less things you want to alter. At this stage we’ll usually email a copy or leave you with a paper copy of the plans in case you can think of anything else you’d like to add or amend.

We will wait for you to tell us you’re 100% happy with your plans before producing the final copy that will be sent to planning (if needed) and building control.

Final Plans

Once you’re completely happy with your plans, we will add the necessary notes and structural information - such as steel sizes if needed - to allow you to get quotes from builders.

If your project needs more extensive calculations such as a portal frame, these can take longer as they are more involved for the engineer.

We aim to have your plans completed, posted and emailed to you within fifteen working days of measuring up. This time frame depends on how many amendments you decide to make and how involved these are for us, as well as how complex the structural work is that your extension requires.

It’s never too soon to get started! Book your free visit today and be ready to start building in the new year.

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