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How to add space and value to your home with a single storey rear extension.

You don’t always need to carry out costly, extensive work to your home to add more space to existing rooms and give yourself more room for storage.

Sometimes a simple single storey rear extension can provide you with more than enough extra space for a larger kitchen and dining room, or a new, separate living room, both incorporating utility space in to the final design.

Our customers at Dixon Road wanted plans drawing for a single storey extension that would give them another room to use as a living room off of the dining room and kitchen. They use these two rooms more often, rather than the living room to the front of their home.

To stick within their budget when they come to build the extension, they asked us to draw plans that incorporated the existing openings for doors and windows and that kept the wall in between these as not to disturb the existing steel work.

The proposed plans above show a rear extension set in from the attached property next door. As the existing outhouse will be demolished, the proposed plans for the rear extension also include a storage area below that is accessible from the garden.

To make the most of the internal floor space, we worked with our customers to create a design that allows room for a utility cupboard with space-saving sliding doors and a bench with room for storage inside.

This design made it through planning with no issues or alterations required to the plans.

2D plans can be difficult to picture. Once we knew the dimensions that would work with the existing house and the layout of the extension, we were able to show the 2D floor plans in 3D using SketchUp.

As you can see, a modest 3.3 meter rear extension can completely change how you use the existing space in your home while giving you a larger living space and more room for storage.

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