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Why you shouldn't wait to start planning your extension

You keep putting off making a start on the plans for the project you want to start next year. Whether it’s an extension, loft conversion or just internal alterations, you think it can wait - no one starts a project like that in Winter.

But there are more reasons to get started straight away. More often than not, builders will want plans to work from, so if you want to begin the work next year, now is the perfect time to get started on the plans for your project.

Your Plans May Take Longer to Finalise Than You Think

Unless you're certain on the design you want from the beginning, finalising the plans for your extension will take longer than you think.

We aim to have your first draft of plans ready five working days from when we measure up. When you see the first version of your plans, we might suggest something you haven't thought of or we might show a couple of versions that you want to spend time thinking about.

You might also have your own ideas for your extension that are different to the ones you had initially, especially when you can see the existing space and extension combined on the plans.

Another point to keep in mind is that if you're set on a specific design for your extension, we may need more time to make that design work - we may have to meet with our structural engineer to make sure - or come up with a solution you're happy with.

You Can Submit Your Planning Application Sooner

You may be able to avoid planning permission for your project, in which case you will be able to start as soon as you find a builder.

However if your extension does need planning permission, the sooner you come to us for plans and finalise the design you want, the sooner we can submit this to planning. A decision is usually reached within eight weeks after your plans are validated, but more complex, larger extension designs can take longer than this.

You Can Start Talking to Builders Sooner

If your project can be done under permitted development - you’ll be able to start as soon as the builder has space.

If you need to submit your project to planning, you can still start approaching builders. Be aware that your plans may change - which we will notify you of - but this shouldn’t be too drastic or alter prices from builders.

You want to start talking to builders as soon as possible. Even if the start date you had in mind seems a long way away, builders get booked up quickly and may not be able to start building your extension as soon as you'd like.


Don't put off starting to design your extension, loft conversion or any other construction work you're thinking about. You may encounter delays at any point during the process, so the sooner you start planning your project, the better.

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