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Three Old House New Home projects that prove you don't need to move house

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

You don’t always have to move to give yourself more space at home. You might like the area, have kids that are settled in local schools or you just don’t want the fuss of moving - and Old House New Home shows you don't always have to buy somewhere new to get the space you want.

With a new series of Old House New Home starting on Sunday, we’re looking back at our favourite three transformations from previous series that show how an extension or even just internal alterations can change the space you've already got.

Series 4 Episode 1: Thornton Heath Edwardian Workers Cottage

In series four George visits a tiny Edwardian Workers Cottage in Thornton Heath that is around the same size as a squash court.

The tiny kitchen space is cut into by an outside toilet, and the living room has to double up as a dining room to allow the front room to be used as a master bedroom. Upstairs, what should be the master bedroom is a bedroom for Hannah’s two children and the box room is being used for storage.

In contrast to the small, compact house, the garden is fairly large, allowing for a six metre single storey rear extension.

As well as the rear extension to be used as a kitchen and dining room, they also took out the back of the house to create one, long, open space with large bi-fold doors at the end. The front room became the living room again, as the master bedroom was moved back upstairs where the chimneys had been removed to give as much room as possible.

This project shows that even the smallest homes can be transformed with clever internal alterations, a well thought out extension and light decor.

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Series 4 Episode 2: Leamington Spa Converted Outbuilding

Even though this is a large house to begin with and the couple are moving in to it, the layout doesn’t lend itself to the open plan designs they want. This project shows what a difference internal alterations can make without extending.

The property was originally an outbuilding but it was converted in the 1980s, which means the interior and extension are dated. The customers therefore want to knock through to create more open spaces and put a home office in the extension.

With internal walls removed and light, modern decor the main living spaces on the ground floor are transformed and are much more spacious.

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Series 5 Episode 2 - Yorkshire House with an Existing Extension

We often see homes with existing extensions that don't benefit the layout of the property. In this episode of Series 5, the property has a two storey side extension but despite the added floor space, the layout is still cramped.

More extensive than the other two examples, in this episode the couple opts for a two storey rear extension and to render the whole outside of the property to match the homes next door.

Not only does this allow them to make the internal alterations they need across both floors, it also gives them a raised patio area to the rear of their home.

Planning your own Old House New Home project? We can provide plans and structural calculations for any extensions, loft conversions or internal alterations you might be planning.

Book your free initial design visit now to talk through your ideas with us.

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