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Three reasons to replace your conservatory with an extension

Is your existing conservatory in need of some serious TLC? Are you thinking of adding a conservatory to your home?

It's common for customers to come to us looking for advice on whether to replace their existing conservatory or whether they should build one in the first place or opt for a rear extension.

Here are three reasons we often give customers to build an extension instead of a conservatory to extend their home:

An extension becomes part of your existing home

If you are building a conservatory without building control approval, it will need to be kept separate from your existing home with a thermal barrier such as a set of doors. An extension will need building control, but this also means you can have the extra space open and as part of the rest of your home.

Many customers with existing conservatories tell us that they rarely use their conservatory because it’s just not ready to use whenever they feel like it. It’s always shut off from the rest of the house making it too cold in Winter and too hot and stuffy in Summer.

For example, you could use a rear extension to create another living room to the rear of your home like our customer on Westwick Road that is completely open to the existing kitchen and dining room.

You can still keep your extension full of natural light

Some of our customers worry that by replacing their conservatory with a rear extension, they’ll lose out on natural light.

This is not the case. You can incorporate plenty of glass in to your extension design. Bifold doors, large feature windows and Velux or lantern lights in the roof allow as much natural light into the new space as well as the rooms at the rear of your home.

An extension is more versatile

While a conservatory can only really have a single use, an extension could be used as a kitchen, dining room or lounge, or even be split into multiple rooms.

Not only are you able to split the extension into multiple rooms, you can also use the extra space you’ve gained to make existing rooms in your home larger.

Many of our customers use rear and side extensions to make their existing kitchen larger, add a utility room and an extra lounge to their home. Something they wouldn’t be able to do with a conservatory of a similar size to the extension we designed with them.

Our customer at Wingfield Crescent opted to move their kitchen and dining room to their rear extension, while splitting the space they freed up in their home in to an office and a utility room.

Want to talk through your ideas with us and see how an extension compares to a conservatory? Book your free initial design visit now.

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