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Three ways to make the most of your planning application

You’ve tried to get your single storey extension to meet the criteria for permitted development, but due to the design of your home, it just won’t work.

Now you’ll need to submit your project to planning for approval, what else could you include to make the most of the money you’re paying for the application?

Design your extension exactly how you’d like it

If you really fancied that modern, rendered, rear extension with aluminium bifold doors - go for it!

You may have been holding back on aspects of your design because you thought you would be able to avoid planning, but if you’re submitting it anyway you might as well put your ideas on the application. You’ll have the chance to get your ideas approved and build the extension of your dreams.

Our customer at Parsley Hay Gardens knew their design would need planning permission. Although they matched the brick to their original house, they decided to go for a flat roof design that they thought would be in-keeping with the modern, large sliding doors.

Include any future work

If you’re planning to build above your single storey extension at some point, or are even playing around with the idea of having a loft conversion, you could include this on the plans you submit to planning.

We can advise you on the likelihood that these would delay the work you want to get started with as soon as planning permission is granted, or if they would class as over development and result in a refusal. In this case it wouldn’t make sense to include them.

You’ve got three years from the decision date to begin the work, then it’s up to you how long it takes to complete.

Go for a wraparound

You might not be planning to build over your extension, but you could use the extra space downstairs - a wraparound extension could be the solution.

If you were originally just considering a rear extension to build under permitted development, but will need planning anyway, give yourself some extra space if you can afford it. Not only will you have a larger kitchen and dining room, but you could incorporate a utility space and downstairs W/C too, like our customers at Struan Road.


If your project doesn't meet permitted development criteria and you have to submit it to planning first, use the opportunity to get permission for the extension design you really want, as well as anything you may want in future.

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