Cardwell Avenue - Annex

For this project, we turned an unused grassy area that was taking time to maintain in to a space for entertaining that is now used frequently all year round. 

We designed an annex that included a bar, seating area and W/C, as well as specifying landscaping changes. 


The annex and new landscaping transformed the lower part of the garden. The right of the annex now includes an outdoor BBQ with worktop space and a sink as well as room for more seating.

2015-06-07 16.30.49
2015-07-03 18.34.36
2015-07-12 15.22.45
2015-08-09 17.11.01
2015-08-09 17.11.45
2015-10-19 12.28.22
2015-10-25 10.06.46
2017-12-25 12.45.28
2017-12-25 12.45.43
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