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Loft Conversions

Loft conversions can give you an extra bedroom and en-suite without the need for an extension.


It is common for loft conversions to include a rear dormer to give you as much space as possible with maximum headroom, however depending on the space in your loft and the amount of rooms you’d like to achieve with your loft conversion, it may be possible to design your loft conversion without the need for a dormer. 


In most cases loft conversions do not need planning permission. If your loft conversion includes roof space over an extension, this will need to be submitted to planning. 


Most of our customers who come to us for help designing their loft conversion need an extra bedroom with an en-suite. We are able to do this with a loft conversion with a rear dormer, and Velux on the front. 


In some cases we design loft conversions with front dormers as well as a dormer on the rear. In these instances the loft conversion plans will need submitting for planning permission. 

2015-07-15 11.07.01.jpg

Hastilar Road South

Loft Conversion with Front and Rear Dormers

2017-09-14 12.33.28.jpg

Olivers Mount

Loft Conversion and Two Storey Side Extension

2016-09-18 12.30.25.jpg

Clumber Road

Loft Conversion and Extensions

2017-09-07 13.15.47.jpg

Jermyn Close

Loft Conversion with Rear Dormer

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