Planning Permission

We probably submit more planning applications than any other company in Sheffield every year, as well as many for Rotherham, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Wakefield.

You will need planning permission for any single storey extensions over 4m high so of course for any two storey extensions. Front extensions also need permission or any dormers on the front of the house. On the free consultation visit I can tell you straight away what needs permission, what is likely to be approved and what doesn’t need any planning permission.

We have an extremely high success rate for planning approvals as we know exactly what planning departments look for when deciding if the extension is acceptable. We have submitted 130 applications around the country over the past year.

The fee for planning permission for a domestic works is £206.

But there many things you can do without any permission.

Permitted Development

Although you will still need plans to get building control approval and for the builders to price and work to, there are a lot of extensions and alterations you can do to your home without having to get any planning permission. This saves a lot of time as it takes 8 weeks for the council to approve applications and saves you the £206 planning fee.

1. You can extend on the rear 3m on a semi-detached or terraced house and 4m on a detached as long as it isn’t higher than 4m, which in nearly all cases it isn’t.
2. Extend the side by up to half the width of your house.
3. Convert your loft and in most cases change a hipped roof to a gable and add a rear dormer without going over the 40 cubic meter addition limit for terraced houses and 50 cubic metres for semi-detached and detached properties. You can usually add 2 extra bedrooms and an en-suite by doing this on a standard 3 bed semi or similar size house.
4. Convert your garage to add more living space or even a bedroom with en-suite.
5. Build a detached garage or even a summer house in your garden as long as it complies with certain rules.

You can get more information about projects you can do without planning permission on The Planning Portal, a site run by the Department for Communities and Local Government and TerraQuest Ltd.

Neighbour Consultation Scheme

Under the new government scheme introduced in May 2013 you can now build a single storey extension on the rear of your house up to 6m on a terraced or semi-detached house and 8m on a detached. It just requires sending a short application to the council with some plans, they will consult your adjoining neighbour’s and if they are fine with it you can go ahead. This takes up to 6 weeks but is often sooner and there is a £96 fee for this.